Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my heater smell like it is on fire the first time I run the heat every year?
Throughout the summer dust builds up on the heat strips that are contained in the heating unit. This dust is burnt off the first time the heat is ran every winter.

How often should I change my filter?
You should change your filter every month (for 1" thick filters) even if the filter says it will last longer a good reminder is change it when you pay your electric bill.

How often should I have my system serviced?
We recommend that you have your system service twice a year (spring and fall) to get your system ready for the stress of the summer and winter.

Why is my electric bill is so much higher in the winter?
If your system is a heat pump, any time it is below 32 degrees outside, it requires electric heat strips to back up the heat pump. When those heat strips are on, the system is using 3 times the electricity to operate.

Just mowed your lawn?
It Is very important To remove all debris that surrounds your air conditioner after doing any type of yard work. By removing this debris, you allow more air flow which In turn makes for a more efficient cooling Or heating process. Should you find any debris On the air conditioning unit, you can simple wash off any grass that might have gotten on the coil.

What do I do if my system freezes up?
Turn your system to the off position on your thermostat and fan to the on position, check your filter to see if it needs change or any other thing that might be near the return that would restrict air flow to the unit. If you find no air restrictions leave the system off and give us a call.

Does my system cool faster if I set it at 60?
Your air conditioning/ heating system works at one speed. Dropping your thermostat to 60 degrees or raising it to 100 degrees will not cool any faster nor heat any quicker. It's best to set the temperature you desire and let your system do its job.

More Good Ideas

Free Air Flow
It Is very important To allow free air access To the outside air conditioning unit (condenser). Don't build a roof any closer than 5' above the outdoor condenser, or within 3' around the condenser including planting any flowers, landscaping or otherwise.

Tempertaure vs. Cost
In the winter months, leave your thermostat a one constant temperature to save on electric bill. In the summer you can do a 2 degree set back when you are gone throughout the day as this will save money on your electric bill.

Proper Maintenance
Have your system serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor at a minimum once a year. Finding a simple problem may save you hundreds For a costly repair.

Dirty Filters
As your filter gets dirtier and dirtier, it slowes down air flow and make your air conditioning unit less effiecient. Also Keep your return filter grill clean when you change your Filter. Be sure and clean the dust built up on the outside of the grill and also make sure there is no air restrictions around the grill ie plants sofa etc.